Anup Prasad founded Property Console with the idea of providing an eagle's eye view with richer insights into an individual's financial standing. Delivering this , is his software's custom dashboard running on your computer with useful indicators and financial tools.  Property Console's indicators uniquely serves home dwellers, the traditional investor with calculations on return on investment as well as newer indicators accounting for a carbon footprint measurement. 
Anup graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration from Australian universities.  His professional work touching most major industries including education, telecommunications, health, banking and finance, hospitality, insurance, retail, energies and utility, attorney generals, law, justice and police. He is enjoying interactions, engagement and creativity of software development , where accuracies exhibited by computers in complex calculations are bringing positive change in the planet's sustainability.  Our software , is creating value for homeowners, landlords and investors in managing their financials, accounting for carbon footprint , and digitalizing their bookkeeping.

Anup is always approachable and is available for consultancy work by appointment.       


Harvard University

Australian of the year nominee 2023.            

Distinguished Alumni of Charles Darwin University