My Gratitude to our parents Mrs Madhu Bala Prasad and Mr Madho Prasad who instilled good values from a very young age. I was blessed to be seeded with confidence, love and encouragement.

Madhu an academic held an arts degree in Sanskrit and an academic who had taught me the importance of reading and writing. Sanskrit embodies an essential cultural root attributed as the source of other derived languages. Madhu's patience and discipline when educating found a meaningful purpose through my contributions in computer science.  Her efforts and imprints on our lives improving our own consciousness and thinking especially regarding caring for the sustainability for our planet.  India's Aryabhata in the Gupta period is accredited to discovery of the placeholder for zero, 0.  The relevance in meaning of 0, can be also found in the use of our software, imagine how good you would feel having $0.00 outstanding on your home mortgage and achieving 0 carbon footprints?  
A special thank you to my lecturer in management Mrs Dianne Watts, who spent her time with me, inspiring me to learn, growing and in completing my Master’s in Business Administration.   Her strength, resilience and encouraging qualities   is like a very special lamp and light that endures in my heart.