17th of February 2024      

In Australia Since May 2022 there has been thirteen interest rate hikes in Australia.  The large interest rate hikes would be well for people with high savings, however for those with higher debt to equity ratio would be struggling lifestyle with higher cost of living, to keep abreast with so many interest rate hikes.

A relief has been provided in the last two months which may set confidence in a buyers’ market for a property.  The next movement in interest rates would likely to be steady for inflation to be fully controlled.



17th January 2024

Our Penrith City Council's Electronic Vehicle delivering books to elderly customers. Ensuring lower GHG emissions at the same time for a peace of mind. 





28th / November / 2023

Joined the Nepean District Conservation group primarily because there is every chance our work can reflect positively on the local community.  With the second airport announced Nancy Baird Walton we want to understand that people travelling understand the local community concerns in relation to the noise and likelihood of any air pollutions.  



It is very personally gratifying to have released a new more modern application 3.S into production where it was exciting to collaborate with international partners in a discussion for the scoping of the requirements. This provided with a more seamless task of coding.   I was delighted to have the opportunity to enter my odometer reading of my vehicle through my iPhone and calculate the GHG readings.  Whilst the application is native to windows, it ran on an iPhone, and delighted with this.    The 3.S includes the following changes.

    1.    A comprehensive vehicles module

    2.    A security password manager, fully encrypted. 

   3.    A more modern user interface and controls with larger screen. 


I am thankful to the team, Mahesh Tiwari who attend several conferences with me including an IBM conference where Property Console, a business partner in climate active work.  Brodie Asaris for the testing work carried out. 

This work also supports Adelaide City Council aspirations and other councils for climate active work.   





3.S Passed Beta Testing working with colleague in UK Brodie Asaris in achieving this as well with Member of Australia India Business Council Gaurav Priya and in a dialogue that sees in the 3.S release achieved prior to the set date of the Climate Change meeting in UAE on November 24th of November.  First five customers will also be given a free t-shirt from Property Console. We stand tall in achieving this feat and putting our skills to the test and passing. [Net Zero] !  


In Australia's referendum it is essential to have a voice, I exercised my voice today within Penrith's Australia and it is not only heard but working perfectly fine. The weather is nice and that I am progressing with the 3.S release with ideas inherited from the local library.  I joined the local SSE start up success and networked to transpire into giving the local community a real chance of climate negotiation with the suggestion of the indicator average emissions from the fleet of vehicle the Penrith City Council holds? 



11th of September 2023

Our software version 3.S will be in line with expectations. We have contributed to the global efforts and continue to do so creating positive climate aspirations. 


15th of August 2023

Whilst It is India's Independence Day it calls for further celebrations with Property Console in partnership with Evertreen in planting a tree that sees 0.2 tonnes of CO2e- decarbonisation efforts.  The software metrics assisting in accountability whist Evertreen's efforts are reducing the GHG emissions a real hope and path defined towards net zero. 


Freedom Tree India Clean


5th August 2023

A clear sky with zero cloud total blue skies from the vicinity of Penrith indicating our efforts are having an impact on delivering positive climate aspirations.  


21st January 2023

I had taken my work to an innovation city Woolongong and thankful to the staff at the library where from their help I accomplished tasks in relation to 3.S release.  A useful measure and fact for an average new car driving the full length of the ANZAC Bridge releases 96.68 gram of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.   

Average new car emission 120.1g/km
Length of ANZAC Bridge   805 M



13th of January 2023

The new year brought with it a game of golf.  I scored three Pars, which reflects a score of net zero.  The many organisations within Australia where executives have put measures in place for the goal net zero.  Exceptional organisations and companies will be meeting the goals a lot earlier.   Indicative of both the will and drive of the people of Australia where sustainability is a key strategic concern.  On the 6th tee off I did manage after a wonderful drive onto the fairway.

Golf Course Tour | Heidelberg Golf Club

7th of November 2022
Anup Prasad founder of Property Console software attended a Climate Active seminar at Western Sydney University run by Roger Attwater.  Roger is the Manager of Environmental Sustainability at the university.  Anup raised questions in relation to whether the Western Sydney University's  carbon footprint is in line with the national goals and objectives. Roger responded that the university is ahead in it's target for net zero. 

Western Sydney University WSU - Digital Place Solutions

4th of November 2022
Anup Prasad attended the botanical gardens in greater Sydney walking with his compatriot friend Malcolm. Him an Malcolm  giving handouts and doing letter drops on the message of positive climate aspirations.